Our Story

DHP, Inc. was created in 2017 to develop new hotel brands that cater to niche demographic markets. While the major hotel-industry players have demonstrated their ability to develop brands focused on the mass market, they have left specific segments of the market untapped. DHP, Inc. has a management team with wide experience in hotel operations and brand development working to fill this gap. This team is led by James Bates, a hotel industry icon with decades of experience. 

DHP, Inc. is an umbrella entity for the many brands we’ve created over the years. We design, manufacture, and market the necessary materials for new brands; negotiate the franchise agreements; act as a developer for every site. DHP, Inc. can also act as an asset manager or oversee the management of a property if necessary.

Each of our existing brands is organized as a separate legal entity and has independent investors and offices associated with that entity. This structure will hold for all of our future brands as well. Currently, under development we have: Art Factory Hotels, LLC., Collegiate Lodging Partners, LLC., Hospital Lodging Systems, LLC., Spa Hotels, and various unique single-location properties.

Our Development Team

James Bates
Developer, Founder & CEO of DHP
David Kelly

Strategic Partners

Gulf Building
Visual Comet