Brand Overview

A new concept in urban hotels for edgy people who do not want to stay at The Plaza. Art Factory Hotels will present an immediately different context from the standard bourgeois model. All living spaces are set up as artist’s lofts with mezzanine sleeping areas, large open areas and even a small high-end kitchen. Combined with furnishings and equipment typical for loft spaces, and a deconstructive look for walls, windows and ceiling, Art Factory rooms will be like staying in an artist’s loft and not your parent’s hotel. Art Factory Hotels will be located in emerging, cutting edge areas of important cities. Public areas will reinforce the industrial look and incorporate a “hot” restaurant and exciting bar. The exterior will have the look of a repurposed factory building.

Art Factory Hotels will be aimed at the top of the market with room rates that are competitive with the best hotels in town. The Art Factory Hotels demographic group being targeted is between 21 to 45. Despite the artist loft look, hotels will offer 5-star amenities including 24-hour room service, state-of-the-art business center, fitness center, and extraordinary concierge services.

Art Factory Hotels is  very  unique  as it will be developed new to look like an old wire factory from the early 1900s with 12 foot ceilings and all “loft” hotel rooms at approximately 400 sq. feet per unit. The doors to the rooms will be steel doors with the old circular portal window in the doors. There will be a cage-type elevator in the property and the hotel will be six floors with a roof top bar and deck. There will be “Video Mapping” event space with state of the art digital and graphic technology in the meeting space and restaurant roof deck and suites. This property will also have sustainable solid fuel cell technology to be 80% off the grid using natural gas to provide energy to the fuel cells. All guest room lofts and suites will be 99.7% bacteria free through individual units in each room.

This state of the art technology, integrated with our “organic building design” will cater to the new millennium guest. Each room will have “organic” elements providing an exciting experience throughout the hotel.